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Everyone says they can save you a dime; but what if I said I’ll make you a dollar instead? Cutting costs isn’t rocket science – you use cheaper paper, you water down your ink, you pay people so little they don’t care about their work. This is easy, and it’s not what we do.

If the SAFETY and SECURITY of your information is important, if the QUALITY of your brand is important, if knowing your bills are going out CORRECTLY every single time is important… then you should hear what we have to say.

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Anyone can buy a printer, hang a shingle and call themselves a bill processor. That’s not our calling.

We’re COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTS – we study the ART and SCIENCE of document design that drive results. Results like shorter AR cycles, lower inbound calls, and increased online payments.For the past fifteen years we’ve taken these skills and applied them not just to the paper bills we print and mail, but to the custom online and mobile billing systems we build as well.

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Creative Digital Imaging is a direct provider of custom billing solutions. Our solutions are designed specifically to meet the varied needs of each customer, and as a result create very sticky solutions at good margins.

If you’re a PRINT DISTRIBUTOR, a VALUE ADDED RESELLER, or a CHANNEL PARTNER and would like to know more about the exciting opportunities available with Creative Digital Imaging we’d like to hear from YOU!

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